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School Closing Information

With winter upon us, we would like to offer the following information and suggestions to you regarding our policy on the closing of the Fall River Schools.  We hope this information will help you understand the procedures we use when confronted with the sometimes difficult decision to run or close schools during inclement weather.

Weather in and around the Fall River School District is monitored constantly by school officials throughout the winter months.  In the event that weather predictions suggest that it could be questionable to operate the schools, a “first alert system” is made operational.  This means that an early assessment of road and weather conditions is made on the day in question (usually by around 5:00 am).

Should conditions appear doubtful or deteriorating, a “second alert system” is mobilized.  Generally speaking, between 5:00 am and 5:45 am, administrators and our transportation coordinator is in contact with various departments (highway department, sheriff’s department, and weather agencies) and surrounding local school districts, in order to make the final determination to close or keep schools open. 

When the decision is made to close schools, an Infinite Campus message will be sent, our Facebook page will be updated, and radio and TV stations are notified.  It is also possible that school will operate with a delayed start or dismiss early depending on what the weather may dictate. Please keep the following in mind:


  1. When conditions are questionable, tune your radio to the following radio and TV stations, and check any messages from Infinite Campus.



Beaver Dam    

WBEV-1430 AM and WXRO 95.3 FM




NBC 15


WKOW – TV Ch. 27


  1. Have a plan for your children to stay with a neighbor or friend in the event you will not be home.  Have a plan for your children should we have to send students home earlier than usual.
  2. Insist that your children dress appropriately so that they are protected against the cold and wind chill factors.  Have older children help be responsible for younger ones.
  3. Except in emergencies, please do not call the schools.  Telephone lines are a major link to the schools.  Our ability to act in emergency situations is greatly reduced when telephone lines are tied up with information requests.

Know that we care and are concerned about the safety of your children.  Know that weather conditions are often unpredictable and that decisions must be made very early based on the best information available at the time of decisions.  Know that due to the complexity of transportation services and driver availability issues, a full two (2) hours may elapse from the time a decision is made until the last child can be delivered home.  Know that part of certain routes may need to be altered on very hazardous days.

When the school closes early, all elementary, middle, high and special education children who ride regular buses will be picked up in their regular location.

Finally, we have to make a final decision and so do you.  Our decision is to determine whether or not to hold school.  Yours is whether or not to send your child (ren) to school when the weather is threatening.  We will always respect your decision, whatever the case.

Be assured that, like you, ensuring student safety is at the forefront of our decision making process.   Thank you for your support!


Brian Zacho – Fall River Middle/High School Principal

Ryan Verrier – Fall River Elementary School Principal

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